A Natural Healing Path

Learn the wisdom of the elders.

Native medicine is based on the understanding that the human being is a part of nature and health is a matter of balance. The natural world thrives when its complex web of interrelationships are honored, nurtured and kept in harmony.

Just as each human has an immeasurable inner life which powerfully influences well-being, so does nature include unseen but compelling forces which must be addressed and integrated for true balance and healing to be achieved.

Native Medicine must be embodied in a lifestyle that honors all Creation.

Right relationships with all beings is needed, this includes to self, family, community and the spiritual world. Emotional imbalance and illlness can be seen as a consequence of relationship disturbances.

Good health requires balance in every sphere of one’s life. Healing treatments and Ceremonies are individualized to facilitate change and to promote balance and wellness in all areas of one's life.

Healing Massage

With organic plant oils. Reduces stress, muscular pain, & fatigue.

Walking in Wellness

Reflexology foot massage to promote relaxation and clear body toxins.

Indian Head Massage

Upper & lower back release, clears sinuses, headaches, & eyestrain.

Body Brushing

Lymphatic cleansing & detox. Improves circulation & strengthens immune system.

Spiritual Healing & Lifepath Counsel

A focus on healing the spirit and discovering your lifepath purpose.

Spiritual Medicine Ways

Native spiritual healing. Helps balance physical & emotional wellbeing.

Walking in Balance

Medicine wheel & cedar reading offers guidance and insight to life-path.

Teaching Gatherings

Sharing Circles

Teachings of The
Seven Grandfathers

Medicine Wheel Teachings

Sacred Breath Meditation

Healing The Heart
Drum Journeys

Spirit Quests

Native Art Classes
With Hugh McKenzie

In The Spirit of
Well Being Retreats