Native Teachings & Spiritual Gatherings

Sharing Circle & Drum Making

Here at the Longhouse we offer ongoing events and gatherings that promote learning and understanding of Native Culture and Spirituality…We are proud to be able to share with you here on the Sacred land that surrounds us…and we acknowledge our Ancestors the Teme-Augama Anishnabai (Deep Water Shoreline People) who’s spirit and love for the land still passes through the winds over the shining waters of Lake Temagami.


The Sharing Circle offers healing and Teachings that help us to overcome emotional and spiritual challenges. To participate in these gatherings gives each of us an opportunity to experience unity, understanding, equality, and how to put into action the Spiritual Teachings of The Seven Grandfathers.

We learn to face life difficulties with strength and purpose when we put into practice these Spiritual life skills. In the Sharing Circle we experience these Teachings with the help of the Talking Stick and Eagle Feather. We learn to listen and speak with the gentle voice of the heart and embrace the heart beat of the Medicine Drum. Together, we learn of the helping spirits of the medicine plants and the Four Sacred Directions.

The Sharing Circle is Sacred, offering many spiritual lessons. It is a place where we can, experience unconditional love and acceptance of our differences and uniqueness. It is a place of healing, renewal and peace.


Hand Drum Making Workshop

Drum Making

We are always honored when asked to offer a drum making workshop. It is an unforgettable experience to make your own authentic native hand drum. We know that your drum will bring you many years of enjoyment and learning. The Drum has always been an integral part of the Native way of life. Drumming helps us in our connection to the Mother Earth, as well as offering us tools for self-discovery and healing. The drum echoes aspects of nature. Its primary function is sacred for use in ceremony, prayer, and healing. The drum simulates the Earth’s heartbeat, or it can imitate thunder and pounding rain. Played softly it can sound like breath, wind, or running water. We let the rhythm of our own heart beat guide us and teach us how to play our drum.

The more you play your drum the more you come to understand the gifts that the cedar tree and deer, elk, or buffalo bring to you. These gifts of nature offer us physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Drumming with others in a sharing circle is also uplifting for the spirit. It gives us the chance to connect with others and form friendships. To drum each day can be a prayer to give thanks to our Creator for the gift of life.

We look forward to sharing a drum making day with you. To arrange a workshop with us here at The Longhouse, or if you would like us to come to you for a group workshop, please just email or give us a call.

Victoria & Hugh